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iTerpret Hardware & Software



Website Video Chat Widget

Effectively communicating with consumers is just as important on your website as it is in a brick and mortar environment. Adding the iTerpret Video Chat Widget to your site provides quick, easy and affordable communication with members of the deaf community and non-English speaking visitors to your site. Adding the widget is as easy as pasting a short pience of code to your website. Below are a few samples of the widget. Colors and layout are easy to configure. Click on one of the links to see how the pop-up looks. For a complete demo, email widget(at)itepret.com

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 Mobile Device Applications


guiEasily access a spoken or sign language interpreter on a smartphone or tablet by downloading the iTerpret APP from your native APP store or by scanning the QR Code.


Instantly works on all platforms







Mobile Cart: Hospital / Clinical Settings

iTerpret with Accessories

Designed with both the patient and staff member in mind, the iTerpret Mobile Cart is easy to manuever and even easier to view. The dual monitor platform enables the main monitor to point directly at the deaf patient who may be in a bed and the secondary monitor to point at the staff member. Traditional systems almost force both parties to be in very close proximity to effectivly communicate with the interpreter.


Durable Construction
Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum design provides up to 10 years of use in a demanding healthcare environment.

Lightweight Design
Starting at under 45lbs, you'll experience just how easy a laptop cart can be to use. With 16" range height adjustment, you can use it either sitting or standing.

Low Profile Base
At only 13" x 16" x 16", this base is designed to go with you, providing true bedside care.

Large Work Surface
Smooth, solid, non-porous, 20" x 16" and 20" x 18" surfaces allow for easy cleaning and proper infection control.

Silent Casters
4” casters (2 locking & 2 non-locking) offer effortless mobility and stability when crossing thresholds.

Hidden Cable Management
Eliminates cord tangle and clutter for nurse safety and IT maintenance.

Designed, manufactured, assembled and serviced in the USA.










Desktop Dual Monitor







The Desktop option is the perfect solution when mobility is not required. Customer service settings can benefit by sharing the dual monitors for other requirements when not utilizing the iTerpret services. 














iTerpret Quick-Connect



Add iTerpret Quick-Connect to a existing television or monitor and convert it into the iTerpret Interface. Many retail and customer service settings have limited available space but need to be able to effectivly communicate with their deaf and non-english speaking clients. The iTerpret Quick-Connect module makes it easy easr and affordable to use existing monitors / TV's to maintain ADA compliance.