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Industry Solutions



iTerpret™ can instantly improve communication in the Medical environment.

» In addition to assisting with communications in hospital and in-office visits, iTerpret has developed a platfrom specifically for telemedicine. Click Here for details.


iTerpret™ will quickly become the technology of choice among schools, colleges and universities that need an instant communication solution.

» Read more about our Education solutions

Federal, State and Local Agencies

Public agencies across the United States have to lead from the front when it comes to ADA compliance, in both internal (employee) and external (public) uses.

» Read more about our solutions for Public Agencies

HR and Customer Service

Your company’s ability to create loyal customers has a lot to due with the way you communicate with them. The government demands ADA compliance, your HR deptartment understands why, but your customers just want to be able to communicate with you effectively.

» Read more about our solutions for corporations

Law Enforcement

The business of Law enforcement to serve and protect the public is both challenging and often dangerous. It is especially so when working with people who have communication disabilities or do not easily speak or understand English.

» Learn how iTerpret™ is helping law enforcement to overcome communication barriers