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Telemedicine Solutions

WebDoc247 is an excellent complement to the health benefits traditionally provided by employers.

By reducing the need for costly physician's office and emergency room visits, WebDoc247 provides demonstrable savings in employer health care expenses. For a minor investment, your employees can enjoy quick and convenient access to licensed physicians, without negatively impacting your bottom line.

Because an estimated 70%1 of non-emergency medical conditions can be addressed telephonically or via email,WebDoc247 physician access services are a cost-effective and convenient way for employees to seek medical care.

Employer/Self Funded Employer Benefits

WebDoc247 provides employers with numerous benefits:

  • Lower annual health care costs. Save an average of 25% or more in annual health care claim costs.
  • Reduced employee absenteeism. Employees can address medical issues without taking time off work.
  • Increased productivity. Maximizing access to physician care also encourages employees to seek treatment quickly and pro-actively, mitigating the risk of an illness progressing to the point where work may be missed.
  • Enhanced employee benefits. Offering WebDoc247 enhances employee recruitment and retention, and drives employee satisfaction as part of a health care benefits package.
  • No open enrollment periods. WebDoc247 is not an insurance plan - sign up whenever you want.